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How you can help the Rain Technologies team empower businesses across the globe with unmatched financial clarity.

Rain Technologies has opened an investment round

Over the last 6 months, we’ve worked tirelessly towards building a product that people love. 

→ Last October, all we had was an idea- an idea of empowering businesses with advanced technology that was previously only accessible to large enterprises 

→ By December, we had a design. 

→ In January, we started pitching 

→ in February we started pre-sales

→ Since then, we’ve added over $100k to our ARR 🤯

And now Rain is ready for the next level. We’re excited to announce we’re opening a round of investment 🎉

Our founders are incredibly proud of the entire team and what they’ve been able to do in such a short time, and are especially thankful for all the mentors along the way that got us to this point. 

Our app (Pluvo) isn’t just another financial tool – it’s become a competitive advantage.

With your support, we’re going to provide financial clarity to MILLIONS of businesses worldwide. 

If you’d like to be a part of this journey and invest in @raintechnologiesinc — let’s get in touch. ⚡

– Alexandre Labreche, on LinkedIn

A photo of Alexandre Labreche, co-founder and CEO of Rain Technologies Inc.

The Rain Technologies founding team

Rain Technologies Inc. is a team of finance professionals and seasoned software engineers committed to creating easy-to-use next generation solutions with the goal of promoting financial clarity and business strategy.

The team, as it stands today, came together between 2019 and 2022.

Its founding member – Alexandre Labrèche – was a student at uOttawa and minor league hockey player in Quebec. He first became interested in the idea of finance and business planning in 2018, and assembled a team of students to prototype a budgeting software designed for Canadian public sector use. 

As the team expanded in subsequent years, this prototype was redesigned and shipped to several public sector departments including the Impact Agency of Canada (IAAC) and Innovation, Science, and Economic Development (ISED). It was during this time that Alex was speaking to fintech industry leaders and found that the concept behind Budget Manager could have a greater impact on the private sector. 

Rain’s co-founder and CFO – Vanessa Galarneau – was instrumental during this pivot. Her previous experience in finance at Canada’s biggest law firm helped the development team create a dream solution for CFOs and Controllers alike. Throughout the years, Vanessa has leveraged her knowledge of industry standards and common practices to apply a truly human approach to Rain’s sales outreach. 

Every conversation she has with prospective clients is built on the basis that Vanessa truly understands their frustrations, and that she wants to create an industry-agnostic product that will have real value for real people. 

This, of course, is achieved by Rain’s highly accredited product owner and CTO, Andrew Ingram, who boasts years of experience at one of Ottawa’s top semiconductor firms. It is through his insight into application architecture and the development cycle that it has been possible to create Rain’s out-of-the-box successes. 

Andrew led his team of developers through the creation of both Budget Manager, and Rain’s newest application, Pluvo. Under his guidance the engineering team became Salesforce certified and then went on to learn an entirely new tech stack in just under 3 months to create Pluvo.

The Rain Technologies team as a whole is brought and held together by its co-founder and COO, Sebastian Fallenbuchl, who offers a unique understanding of both business and product development. Sebastian is a university trained biomedical mechanical engineer but found his true calling as Rain’s Chief Operations Officer.

It is with his unique skill set and organizational competencies that he can ensure the sales, marketing, and product team are able to promise and execute upon the company’s vision for their enterprise-level financial planning tools.

Interested in Rain?

If you think this is the type of team you can believe in, we invite you to join our investment round. Get in touch with Alex Labreche at or find him on LinkedIn

Pluvo™ powered by Rain Technologies

Pluvo is a 4th generation financial planning tool that is made possible through accounting automation, artificial intelligence, and CFOTech infrastructure. 

Rain Technologies’ flagship software is designed to address the gap in market left by current spreadsheet reporting tools, and is intended to sit on top of any finance tech stack that a business may have. 

The Pluvo suite includes: 

  • Forecasting – Forecast expenses and revenue for every aspect of your business. 
  • Reporting – Import data in CSV format and export data for further analysis and presentations.
  • Scenario Planning – Create scenarios for different hiring plans and analyze cash flow impacts. 
  • Automatic Imports – Pull live data from QBO or Xero in a single click, and have confidence that your numbers are always up-to-date. 
  • Analysis and Planning – You deserve a tool that is as dynamic as you are; Pluvo lets you crunch the numbers, evaluate the outcomes, and quickly adjust your plans. 
  • Drivers and Metrics –  Define your main business drivers and instantly calculate all the metrics you care about.

When a business chooses to adopt Pluvo into their current systems they enjoy out-of-the-box automation tools that will cut down on time spent performing high effort/low yield tasks. It syncs with current ERP systems such as Quickbooks Online or Xero, so that all your data integrity stays intact. The development team is hard at work making other integrations possible based on feedback from presale customers and early adopters. 

For more information on Pluvo, the 4th generation FP&A tool, read our article: Discover Pluvo

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