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Rain Technologies Inc. & Budget Manager are thrilled to announce we have been joined by Solon Angel of Fresh Founders who will be a member of our board. Solon’s reputation and experience in the industry speak for itself and we are beyond excited to have him with us on this next stage of our journey. 

About Solon Angel :

Solon is one of the most active investors and entrepreneurs in accounting and financial tech. He has an obsession for exponential growth and solving big problems. His goal as a father and founder is to leave the world in a better place than he found it. His passion is building compelling visions and products with people that have an appetite for adventure. Before founding MindBridge Ai, Solon worked in F500s as well as start-ups in San Francisco, UK, Canada and France. MindBridge and Solon have been recognized by Accounting Today, Forbes and the World Economic Forum as a tech pioneer. In his spare time, Solon is the Managing Partner of FreshFounders, a group of founders that invest, support and create elite entrepreneurs fuelling the 4th industrial revolution.