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Rain Technologies presents

Public Sector Budget Management Made Easy

An exceptionally unique experience tailored for public sector

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Advanced Reporting

Instant at-a-glance view of all your finances, in digestible reports and dashboards. Elevate your decision making with reliable data.

Robust Security

Your data, once uploaded, remains secure and auditable. Say goodbye to version control hassles and ensure data integrity.

Centralized Data

Eliminate the need for extensive, confusing spreadsheets. Communicate securely at the source about your finances.

Collaboration Tools

Communicate with your team seamlessly. Use our collaborative spaces and features to share reports with your team and collaborate in real-time on your budgets and forecasts.

Experience unmatched budget tracking – built for public sector.

Public sector finance is complex. Your tools should make it easier, not harder. That's why we've collaborated with public servants from every level of government to build a tool that truly empowers teams to get more done.

Get a complete view of your organization's finances - with accurate and intact data.

Elevate government leadership with Budget Manager. Seamless integration and consolidation of diverse data sources provide directors and executives with a comprehensive, accurate view of finances. Bid farewell to discrepancies – our solution ensures precision for strategic decision-making.

Navigate financial complexities effortlessly with Budget Manager. Centralizing and safeguarding data integrity, our platform empowers government leaders with real-time insights. Stay ahead in public sector financial planning, making informed decisions with confidence.

Spend less time doing grunt work and more time doing high-value tasks.

Transform financial management for your accounting and FP&A teams with Budget Manager. Streamlined integration and consolidation of diverse data sources offer a comprehensive, accurate snapshot of your organization’s finances. Bid farewell to data discrepancies – Budget Manager ensures precision for strategic decision-making, empowering your teams for peak performance.

Empower your finance, accounting, and FP&A teams to get more done. Centralizing and safeguarding data integrity, Budget Manager provides real-time insights, allowing your teams to make informed decisions with confidence. Stay ahead in financial planning, optimizing performance and driving success.

Streamline your workflow and cut down on manual work.

Empower your admin and support teams with automation and streamlined workflows. Say goodbye to manual processes as Budget Manager seamlessly integrates and consolidates data, providing a comprehensive, accurate overview of your organization’s financials.

Transform administrative and support processes with Budget Manager. By automating data integration and safeguarding integrity, Budget Manager’ delivers real-time insights, protects against errors, and removes manual processes, allowing your teams to make informed decisions with confidence. Stay ahead in budget management, optimizing financial processes and fostering excellence.

The features you care about, at your fingertips.

Manage Cost Centres

Efficiently organize and monitor expenses across various departments or projects, enhancing control over your financial allocations

Track Funds

Monitor fund utilization and expiration dates, reducing financial risks by staying informed about where and how funds are allocated.

Report on Everything

Leverage the power of advanced reporting to gain in-depth insights into all financial transactions and trends, enhancing decision-making and strategic planning.

Commit Funds

Track committed funds to vendors prior to actualizing expenses, ensuring alignment with forecasts and clear visibility of where money is headed.

Forecast Accurately

Enhance your financial planning with accurate forecasting tools, enabling precise budget predictions and effective resource allocation.

FTE Tracking

Efficiently monitor full-time equivalent (FTE) employee and planned staffing, ensuring accurate staffing levels and budget allocation for labor costs.

View Actuals

Access real-time data on actual spending, providing a clear and current view of your financial performance against the budget.

Collaborate Seamlessly

Enable cross-functional collaboration between finance teams, business units, and procurement, streamlining communication and decision-making processes.

and much more, out of the box.

Experience the Budget Manager™ difference

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