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Pluvo is the best financial planning tool for SMEs

Track your progress, metrics, P&L (and more!) effortlessly with Pluvo's AI and automation tools. Advanced FP&A without the headaches.

Strategic decisions from real-time insights.

Forecasting for every scenario

  • Build multiple scenarios and compare them easily
  • Live reporting on any forecast
  • Forecast recurring revenue, COGS, OpEx and anything else you can imagine
  • Instantly compare your actuals to past forecasts

Reporting made easier than ever

  • Generate P&L, income statement, balance sheets, and more
  • Fully customizable charts and dashboards
  • Dozens of pre-built metrics

AI driven solutions for exceptional outcomes

  • Personal financial assistant
  • Generate scenarios instantly
  • Ask questions about your data

Pluvo gives you complete control over growing your business.

Metrics at Your Fingertips

Dozens of pre-built dimensions give you instant access to the numbers you care about.

Ditch the spreadsheets and get your ARR, COGS, Burn Multiple, and tons more in seconds, not hours.

AI and Automation

Your time is valuable, that’s why automation does the heavy lifting, so you spend less of your time on low-value tasks.

Integrated AI makes reporting a breeze. Ask our chatbot about your data and get a comprehensive answer instantly — along with reports and other resources you can easily share across teams.

Powerful Integrations

Seamless integrations with Quickbooks Online mean you can be confident your data is always up to date, and that’s just the start –  more integrations on the way.

Planning and Forecasting

Planning designed to help you follow through. Build scenarios and allocate resources to evaluate what course of action has the highest ROI.

Make forecasts against those scenarios, and track your actuals in real-time.

Get Started

Spend less time preparing data and spend more time making decisions.

As a leader, your role is to think strategically and evaluate what moves will be the best for your company. The more time you have to spend interpreting and cleaning data, the less time you have to make thoise strategic plays that grow your business.

With Pluvo, your strategic plans intersect with your financial plans. with a comprehensive view of your strategic goals, revenue forecasts, expenses, and more, reporting becomes a breeze so you can focus on what you do best – leading your team to victory.

Leave the spreadsheets behind with powerful automation and analytics.

You didn’t choose a career in finance to stare at excel all day. As a finance professional, you should be strategic partner in growing the business. Pluvo gives you the power to level up your financial game and identify upcoming risks or new opportunities.

Start thinking of your FP&A as a profit centre, not a cost centre. When empowered with the right tools, a financial team can completely transform a companies trajectory.

Find new opportunities and build forecasts that you actually meet.

Understand how your business is performing in real-time. Gather all your data in one place and create stunning visuals to keep your team aligned. Combine all your revenue streams in one place to get a complete view of your business’ financial health and growth trajectory.

Easily build and maintain scenarios to evaluate ROI and other impacts. Level up your revenue operations to become a strategic partner with the rest of the business. Build comprehensive plans that align RevOps with other business units.

The metrics you care about, at your fingertips.


Recurring revenue is a staple of B2B SaaS growth. It enables measurement of company progress and prediction of future growth.

Burn Rate

View both gross and net burn trends and identify concerns before they become problems.


Enable your planning with comprehensive runway estimates. Build contingencies and scenarios to avoid running out of capital.


A key indicator of a business's performance, profitability, value and ability to add debt.

Gross Margin

Measure efficiency and financial stability, as well as growth patterns and growth barriers.


Identify pain points or shortcomings in your customer's journey. Validate your revenue model and forecast growth accurately.


Measure the resources that are used for acquiring a single customer. Calculate the cost of growth and identify opportunities for streamlining.


Customer Lifetime Value allows you to maximize the value of every customer relationship and accurately predict the ROI of new client-facing initiatives.

and much more, out of the box.

Plot your course with Pluvo

Your business, better.

Discover the power of a Pluvo financial plan today.

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