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Pluvo is a next generation financial modelling, forecasting, and budgeting tool designed to save you time and effort – while turning your finances into a source of revenue.

As a business owner or CFO you probably oversee: financial strategy, forecasting, analysis, budgeting, reporting, and much, much more. 

And as a decision maker, how many hours, days, or even weeks have you spent trying to accomplish all of the above in a maze of convoluted (often incorrect) excel spreadsheets? Don’t you wish you could spend more of your time making strategic decisions which drive your business forward? The solution is simple: Pluvo™ ☔

A cutting edge financial planning and analysis tool that empowers rookie and established business owners alike to plan, budget, and execute on financial plans with the confidence and efficiency of a veteran CFO. 

Heard enough?

Owners and managers have a time problem

You didn’t start your own business to spend all day learning how to become an excel ninja. You started it because there is a demand for the product or service you offer. So, shouldn’t your sole focus, as owner or decision maker, be on how to get that product/service into the hands of your customers?

Current tools see everyday business owners struggling to manage their budgets, profit and loss (P&L) statements, payment processing, payroll and more in cumbersome spreadsheet tools such as Excel or Google Sheets. 

If this describes you, you’ll find that you aren’t alone. According to new research almost half of all spreadsheet users have extreme difficulty manipulating and making sense of the data contained within their sheets. The other half are too proud to admit it. 

We need to find an easier way for financial decisions to be made – whether that be from a CEO, owner/operator, or a finance expert such as a CFO.

We’ve spoken to hundreds of business owners in Canada and across the globe, and we’ve discovered first hand that the biggest issues these entrepreneurs face stem from their reliance on archaic tools (like excel) for critical business functions. If any of these issues sound familiar: 

  1. Manual forecasting and budgeting,
  2. Difficulty integrating data from your ERP (Quickbooks, Xero),
  3. Hours/day spent on data entry – finances, procurement, etc,
  4. Version control issues in your most important sheets,
  5. No real visibility over key business metrics,
  6. Important financial models are too difficult to understand…

What would you say to a tool that removes all of the guesswork and the pain from your finances – leaving you only with concrete actionable insights that you can use to make your business even more profitable than it already is?

For more on why spreadsheet reporting is killing your business, read this Forbes article.

Pluvo saves decision makers time, money, and effort

Pluvo is the CEO’s dream, and the CFO’s most useful tool. 

It automates manual data entry by integrating with your ERP data in just 3 clicks, ensures data security through access control, and organizes it by account in highly customizable reports and dashboards. 

From there, the Pluvo suite includes: 

  • Forecasting – Forecast expenses and revenue for every aspect of your business. 
  • Reporting – Import data in CSV format and export data for further analysis and presentations.
  • Scenario Planning – Create scenarios for different hiring plans and analyze cash flow impacts. 
  • Automatic Imports – Pull live data from QBO or Xero in a single click, and have confidence that your numbers are always up-to-date. 
  • Analysis and Planning – You deserve a tool that is as dynamic as you are; Pluvo lets you crunch the numbers, evaluate the outcomes, and quickly adjust your plans. 
  • Drivers and Metrics –  Define your main business drivers and instantly calculate all the metrics you care about. 

The Pluvo advantage

When you choose Pluvo, you choose the ability to: 

  • Create multiple scenarios with unprecedented speed and ease, and then match those scenarios to your actuals with real-time data. 
  • Make multiple scenarios per account using a custom built UI that empowers average people with the knowledge and competence of veteran CFOs. 
  • Check any business metric instantly through an advanced reporting functionality. For example: if your customer acquisition cost (CAC) is too high, and you are wondering how to reduce it –  Pluvo will give you everything you need to evaluate the situation and chart a path towards a solution.

There is no lengthy implementation process when you adopt Pluvo into your arsenal. Being a web-based tool, there is no download. No downloads, no lengthy implementations, no hassle. Everything is ready to go in under ten clicks.

How Pluvo works

Pluvo is designed to be your one stop shop for managing all of your companies financials. You can view revenues, expenses, liabilities, assets, and equity accounts at a glance via customizable charts and graphs. 

You can manage forecast preferences to map out your budget, filtering it by period and whatever your drivers might be. 

Pluvo connects to your QBO or XERO so you can work in the accounting structure you’re used to, and automatic syncs bring in your actual data to continuously track progress. 

A library of metrics lets you track the parts of your business you care about most. Make changes to your drivers and see how it affects your forecast. Building hiring and growth plans that consider your whole business has never been easier.

Why you should choose Pluvo

Whether financial planning is the bread and butter of your day-to-day life or you’ve never heard of it, in an increasingly digital world –  the companies that don’t invest in FP&A tools are the companies that will fail in 2-5 years.

Pluvo acts like your business GPS to success. When you feed it your financial data, it will tell you: where to go, when to turn, and what to avoid on your business’ path to profit.

The world is filled with business financial planning tools, but there is only one that is custom made for SME business owners and CFOs alike. The applicability of Pluvo is endless. Any type of organization, any industry, and of any size. Pluvo can help.

Act now and see results before the end of the next quarter. 

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