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OTTAWA,ON | March 11th, 2021



Rain Technologies Inc., proudly announces a collaboration with the Government of Canada. Rain Technologies’ flagship application, Budget Manager, will provide one of the largest departments in the Government of Canada with cutting-edge budget management software.

A first sale is a defining moment for any company. Selling to the government is in itself an immense challenge” said Mikaël & Alexandre, Co-founders of Rain Technologies. Secured a deal with the Government of Canada is not only a significant accomplishment for any company, but truly an incredible achievement for a student startup. This win confirms that we’re headed in the right direction.”

The federal government seeks out partnerships with emerging Canadian companies. This brings a fresh perspective, quality products and competitive pricing. The reach and responsibility of the Canadian government is enormous, as their decisions and actions impact the lives of every Canadian. It is vital that their partnerships are reliable, trustworthy, and committed to improving the lives of citizens.

“We are pleased to have established this deal with the federal government and we are very eager for the future. We look forward to seeing Rain technologies forge the evolving fintech landscape” said a company spokesperson.

About Rain Technologies

At Rain Technologies, we are committed to providing quality services while positively impacting the lives of our teams, our partnerships and our community. As budget management is an integral component to successfully conducting business, this application was created with the goal of enabling centralized information, producing quality workflow, and enhancing overall user experience. Budget Manager is a dynamic budgeting solution that works with the Salesforce platform to track expenses in near real time, import data automatically to generate immediate reports, and allows for collaboration, delegation, and audit sheets. Our application will facilitate overall efficiency, while innovating previous budget management software.

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