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John Burnside | Communications Officer

Rain Technologies Inc.

Rain Technologies Headquarters relocated to Chaudière Island

Ottawa, ON, (December 12, 2023) Rain Technologies is proud to announce the location of its new headquarters in the nation’s capital region. This strategic move reflects Rain’s commitment to growth, innovation, and providing an optimal work environment for its employees. 

Situated on Chaudière Island in the Ottawa River, behind the War Museum,  the new space offers a vibrant and collaborative workspace that fosters creativity and productivity. The move aligns with Rain Technologies’ vision of dynamic and forward thinking innovation, as the company enters into a new period of growth in 2024. 

Address Information: 

Attn: Rain Technologies

310 Miwate Pvt, Unit #100

Ottawa, ON 

K1R 0E2 

Please direct your shipping inquiries to 

“We are thrilled to announce our transition to a new space. This move marks the beginning of an exciting new chapter for Rain Technologies,” said Alexandre Labreche, CEO of Rain Technologies. “This new office is an ideal setting for our team to collaborate, innovate, and drive the next wave of XP&A solutions.”

About Rain Technologies

Since 2019, Rain Technologies has been at the forefront of developing cutting edge cloud-based AI and automation solutions that are built to serve the unique needs of both public and private sector organizations. They are headquartered in the nation’s capital – Ottawa, Ontario. 

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