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To our friends, partners, and the Ottawa business community

I write this reflection hours after a very significant moment in my life, and for my company – Rain Technologies. 

Yesterday, we became an award-winning organization in Ottawa’s business community. 

At the Best Ottawa Business Gala, we were overjoyed to win the Next Big Thing award. A title which recognizes the city’s most promising startups – companies that dared to dream big and turn their ambitions into reality through steadfast dedication and hard work. 

Moments like these nourish small businesses and give the talented folks that work there a renewed sense of purpose. In the fast-paced, hectic world of startups and SMEs, recognition is more than just a moment in the spotlight. It’s a form of validation. 

It is confirmation that all the countless hours, all those difficult decisions, and all of our unwavering determination (even in the darkest moments) has been worthwhile. An award and recognition from some of the biggest players in our local entrepreneurial community means everything to us. It lets us know that we’re really onto something here. 

So, on the behalf of our team, we want to extend a heartfelt ‘thank you’ to everyone involved for making such a wonderful moment possible. 

Read on to discover what this award means to me, and my team.

The world of technology is an ever-changing one. Innovation is no longer a goal, but the standard for most agencies and organizations. 

It’s also our very purpose as a company. 

Each of our products and services were designed to provide easy, scalable, and comprehensive financial innovations to our valued clients. Winning the Next Big Thing award serves as powerful motivation to continue our efforts. We’ve learned that our approach to Financial Planning & Analysis is not only relevant, but evergreen. 

This award affirms that our products are gaining traction in the industry, and it reassures us that our dedication to user-centric products is paying off. We will go forward knowing that user experience is key as we design even more powerful solutions for the future. 

As we close out 2023, we will be announcing a new AI and Automation business intelligence platform. With this scalable tool, organizations of all sizes and all industries will be able to revolutionize the way that they execute upon strategic plans using financial metrics. Our top priorities for this tool is saving the user time, helping them connect their strategic plans with execution, and maximizing their operational capacities.

We’re a small team. At a grand total of 9 employees, there are times when we feel the immense weight of being a startup. In the past few months we’ve pulled more than a few late nights, and more whiteboard design sessions than, I think, anyone would care to remember. Despite it all, we’ve learned one important lesson:

Every member of this team is integral to its collective success.

Small teams mean more responsibility, and ownership, of problems and their solutions. I’m fortunate to share this crazy startup experience with a group of creatives that let me take my vision to soaring new heights.

From our development team, diligently creating the products that our clients love, to the Sales team that works tirelessly to sustain us – this award is recognition of every person, every effort, and every second spent to make products we are proud of. 

Together, the Rain team has become a force to be reckoned with – and will continue to grow to even greater horizons.

Above all else, we see the Next Big Thing award as an investment in our success. It will provide us with credibility in the Ottawa business community and well beyond – ensuring that our name and reputation enter rooms well before we do. 

The Rain team is eager to greet the new year with new connections, friendships, and partnerships made at the BOBs Gala and SaaS North. Together with these new allies we will be working to up our game. This award has already opened doors to opportunities that seemed out of reach just a month ago – and the future is looking very promising.

This award serves as a reference point as we strive towards even greater achievements. The BOBs made it clear to us that the future is digital transformation. Therefore our plan, as a company, is to focus on creating technology – namely our AI and Automation tool – that goes above and beyond our competition. As of today, we are Ottawa’s Next Big Thing, and tomorrow we will be Ottawa’s Best Business

If there was one thing this award has taught us about ourselves, it’s that complacency has no place in our organization. Just like our tools, Rain itself was meant for continuous evolution and growth. 

So as one final thank you, and a cap to this reflection: 

We will proudly display this award in our new office – where all can see it – as a daily reminder that we’ve got what it takes to make serious change in this industry. This has been a thrilling moment for the whole team, and I’m so happy to have shared it with those who attended the Gala. 

To everyone that believes in our company, and everyone who will join us in our future successes… 


Thank you. 🌧️


Alexandre Labreche, Founder & Chief Executive Officer