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John Burnside | Communications Officer

Rain Technologies Inc.

Rain Technologies Joins Global Leaders in Public Sector Digitization at AccelerateGov 2023

Ottawa, ON, (October 3, 2023) – Rain Technologies proudly announces its attendance in the Global Government Forum’s international conference: AccelerateGov 2023! This marks a considerable milestone for the startup, opening the door to international implementations of Budget Manager™, their novel finance management software.

The AccelerateGov conference is being held at the Shaw Centre, in downtown Ottawa. Public Service representatives are encouraged to visit from 9:00am to 5:00pm today, October 3rd 2023.

“This digital summit brings together national and departmental chiefs from across the globe for open, informal discussion of the opportunities and challenges facing public sector digital transformation,” says Catherine Luelo, Chief Information Officer at the Government of Canada.

The Rain executive team will be conducting demonstrations of Budget Manager all day,  on the third floor of the Shaw Centre. 

Apart from the Budget Manager demos, the AccelerateGov 2023 conference will include an address from Chief Data Officer of Canada, Stephen Burt. Followed by a number of keynote speakers that will discuss the ongoing efforts in the international community to digitize public sector operations. 

Artificial Intelligence, big data, and automation will benchmark the conversations at Ottawa’s largest Public Sector technology conference. These topics will almost certainly affect the direction of Rain Technologies Inc. as a company, and the software it produces.

About Rain Technologies

Since 2019, Rain Technologies has been at the forefront of developing cutting edge cloud-based solutions that are built to serve the unique needs of both the public and private sectors. They are headquartered in the nation’s capital – Ottawa, Ontario. 

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John Burnside

John Burnside!